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Please note: Organic fabric has been treated differently than conventional fabrics. For instance, since the weaving and knitting runs are smaller, there may be more imperfections in the fabric. Also,due to low-impact scouring agents and finishing techniques used to support eco-friendly processing,some stains or surface problems may exist in the fabric. We are working hard to improve quality while maintaining the integrity of the organic product. Please keep these points in mind when ordering the organic fabric. We highly recommend inspecting the fabric thoroughly before cutting. No refunds or credits can be applied once the fabric has been cut.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.All of the base fabrics are grown and certified organic. The certifiers vary by location. U.S. fiber are certified to USDA Organic standards,and our organic fabrics from India are certified organic by Control Union or OneCert. All of our prodcued-in-India fabrics are third-party certified to the GOTS (Global OrganicTextile Standards). All of our USA printing conforms to the GOTS but is not yet third-party certified. Please visit www.global-standard.org for more information.

We are doing our best to keep the fabrics in stock at all times; but as demand is increasing, and production lead times are long, we do anticipate that there will be times when we are temporarily out of wholesale yardage. Communicating your needs well in advance is the best way to ensure we have fabric in stock at the time you need it. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we forge new organic-fiber territory.

Although we are working on improving our production, there is a good chance that the color will slightly shift with each new run. To ensure an exact color match, the rolls must be purchased from the same run. We are happy to reserve wholesale rolls, with a 10% per month nonrefundable deposit.

The use of Harmony Art STOCK fabrics in a product line are non exclusive. Harmony Art does not endorse any products created with Harmony Art fabric. Any products which use Harmony Art fabric are the sole responsibility of the creator/owner of the product and Harmony Art is not liable for any legal action taken due to the product.

* If you do not have a UPS or FEDEX shipping account, your order will be shipped via Harmony Art’s UPS ground account, with an additional handling fee charged for this service. Our UPS account is not available for international orders. Insurance will be added for all shipments. A $3 pickup fee is assessed for all FEDEX pickups.

SHIPMENTS OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.: All international shipments must be handled by the purchaser or one of our international distributors. Due to the extra work involved, international orders NOT handled by one of our international distributors will be charged a $150/hour order processing fee. If you are not already experienced with international shipping to your country, we HIGHLY recommend you work with one of our international distributors.

By filling in the "I agree" field below, I authorize Harmony Art to make such inquires and charges necessary for the processing of my wholesale orders. I have read all the information included within and do understand the terms.

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